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Get Cozy With This Healing, Sugar-Free Hot Chocolate

This healthy, sugar-free hot chocolate recipe originated when my husband & I made a HUGE batch of it for a Patient Appreciation Day at the health center, where it was served to hundreds of people.  There were lots of raving fans, & the recipe lovingly became known as “Dr. Jake & Dr. Christi’s Magical Hot Chocolate”. 🙃  I’m sure you’re going to love it, too!


Typical hot chocolate mixes are chock-full of sugar (or artificial sweeteners) & a ton of other toxic ingredients.  This healthified version is super quick & easy to make, plus you don’t have to feel bad about drinking it (even every day if you want)!  

Download the recipe card below!

Christmas Dreams

Hot chocolate is one of those things that really provokes a sense of nostalgia for me.  Just holding the steaming mug, feeling the warmth between my hands, inhaling the intoxicating chocolatey scent, & tasting the richness on my tongue takes me back to white Christmas dreams…  😌🎄❄️

Admiring the fresh, fluffy snowflakes falling onto a delicate blanket of snow.  Curling up on the couch, basking in the Christmas lights on the magnificent tree.  Watching my favorite classic Christmas movies (& Hallmark movies, of course!).  Endless Christmas music.  Quality family time.  Taking it all in… with a wonderful cup of hot chocolate…


ANYWAYS…I’ll snap out of my little Christmas day-dream now.  🤓 Just like I’m the type of girl who can’t get enough Christmas movies or Christmas music no matter what time of the year, I also believe that delicious, healthy hot chocolate should be enjoyed all year round!

(In fact, as I’m writing this, it’s summertime in North Carolina, & I’m indulging in a mug-full of this sugar-free hot chocolate right now — in my snowflake cup, no less. 😉)

Health Benefits of This Sugar-Free Hot Chocolate 

Before we get into the recipe in a minute, I wanted to give you a little insight on the amazing health benefits you’re about to receive by treating yourself to this magical hot chocolate. ☺️

One of the main ingredients is organic coconut milk — & coconut products are some of the healthiest foods on the planet.  It’s amazing for your metabolism & fat-burning (full of healthy fats!), as well as your immune system.  Coconuts also have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic (inhibits the spread of cancer cells), & anti-inflammatory properties!

One of my favorite brands of coconut milk — Click above to order from Thrive Market, which is about 32% cheaper than in stores!

Or, you can order a case of 12 on Amazon for a great deal, too –> Click here!

Another major ingredient in this sugar-free hot chocolate is organic raw cacao powder.  Cacao has cardiovascular benefits, and is loaded with antioxidants — which help fight free-radicals, cancer, & slows aging.  It’s also packed with fiber, which aids in digestion, and helps regulate blood sugar levels & cholesterol levels.  

Navitas Organics is one of my favorite brands for superfoods, like Raw Cacao Powder. Click above to get it 31% cheaper than in stores!


My favorite brand of organic, raw cacao powder (Ojio)!  Click above to order some!


Who says you can’t indulge in hot chocolate AND build health in your body at the same time?!  So go ahead — make your ordinary day extra-special by whipping up a cup of this healthy deliciousness & savoring each chocolatey sip!  




  1. Heat almond milk & coconut milk in a small pot on the stove on medium heat, until almost boiling.
  2. Put the cacao powder, vanilla extract, & pinch of salt into an empty mug.
  3. Once the milk is hot, pour it into the mug on top of the other ingredients.
  4. Add the liquid vanilla stevia to taste.
  5. Use a spoon to mix everything together until smooth.

Looking for a spectacular sidekick for your sugar-free hot chocolate?  I’ve got you covered. Try these Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies or these Black Bean Brownies With Cream Cheese Frosting!  Both would pair perfectly with your hot chocolate, and fulfill all your dipping & dunking needs. 😋


What about you — does drinking hot chocolate remind you of Christmas or make you nostalgic?  I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

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Dr. Christi is a wellness doctor & online educator who specializes in nutrition, fitness, weight loss, & creating peace, joy, & a healthy mindset.  Through her online courses, programs, workshops, & blog, she leads & inspires people to achieve the HEALTH of their dreams, so that they can live the LIFE of their dreams.

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