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Cutting-edge protocols & methods for losing weight in a healthy, sustainable way

In today’s society, there is nooo shortage of weight loss advice, programs, supplements, & gimmicks.  With all of the information available out there, it can be difficult & confusing to know what to trust & what really works.

Sure, some of the strategies might “work” & help you shed a few pounds — but a lot of times they can be detrimental to your overall health in the long run.  And some of the advice out there doesn’t even work — at least not long-term.

Around here, it’s not just about “losing weight”.  Oh yes — you’ll do that, too!  But even more importantly, I’ll show you how to lose weight in a way that actually builds HEALTH in your body & is sustainable for your life.

The weight loss methods & programs that I teach are based off of cutting-edge science & principles of how the body works, not to mention countless testimonials & years of working with people who’ve applied these protocols & reaped the fabulous benefits.

And now it’s YOUR turn, beautiful! smiling face with open mouth

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Weight Loss

8 health & wellness tools

8 Health & Wellness Tools I Can’t Live Without (That Make Healthy Living Easier, Convenient, & FUN!)

Every now & then, you discover something that completely changes your life & adds so much value to your world. You know — the things that leave you wondering, “What the heck did I used to do before I had this awesome thing in my life?!, or “How did I used to live without this?!” […]

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Healthy Chunky Monkey Smoothie

Healthy “Chunky Monkey” Smoothie: Low-Carb, Sugar-Free, & Bursting With Chocolate Banana Nut Flavor

This delicious, nutritious, creamy dreamy smoothie is a health-boosting, nutrient-dense take on “Chunky Monkey”-flavored treats (which typically include flavors like banana, chocolate, & nuts). I invented this smoothie about 6 weeks ago, & I couldn’t keep this mouth-watering recipe to myself ANY LONGER.  So today, the secret is officially out! ☺️ I call this the […]

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60 Functional Exercise Moves

60 Functional Exercise Moves to Add to Your Workouts

Hello, my strong & beautiful friend! 💜☺️ This post isn’t going to be fancy or super-duper wordy (which I know is rare for me! haha).  But my hope is that this list of 60 functional exercise moves gives you lots of practical ideas & inspiration for your workouts! I originally decided to make this list […]

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healthy weight loss

The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Weight Loss: Part 2

Hey gorgeous! 💜 Welcome back to The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Weight Loss!   This is the second of 2 parts, so if you haven’t already read Part 1 (and downloaded your free Nutrition Checklist!), definitely do that right away.  The nutrition guidelines & strategies in Part 1 are critical to losing weight quickly & […]

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snacks for weight loss

12 Easy, Yummy, & Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss & Wellness

When it comes to finding healthy snacks for weight loss & overall wellness, it doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t have to spend a fortune, and you certainly don’t have to starve yourself or deprive yourself of super tasty foods! These 12 snacks as a whole are full of healthy fats, high-quality protein, & […]

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Healthy Eating: How to Healthify Your Favorite Foods & Recipes (& Still Make Them Taste Delicious!)

Hey friend!  Do you ever struggle with eating healthy?  Especially when you’re bombarded by sooo much processed, unhealthy food in the grocery stores, or your favorite snacks & recipes have some not-so-good-for-you ingredients, but they’re just too darn good to give up?? 😬  (I’ve so been there, by the way!)  But boyyy do I have […]

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