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8 Health & Wellness Tools I Can’t Live Without (That Make Healthy Living Easier, Convenient, & FUN!)

8 health & wellness tools

Every now & then, you discover something that completely changes your life & adds so much value to your world. You know — the things that leave you wondering, “What the heck did I used to do before I had this awesome thing in my life?!, or “How did I used to live without this?!”

It doesn’t have to be a HUGE thing or event or person either… it can be a simple, little thing that impacts your life on a daily basis, makes life more enjoyable, or makes everyday routines easier & more effective.

That’s what these 8 health & wellness tools & resources have done for me. They’ve revolutionized my health & life, and I can’t really imagine living this amazing, happy, healthy lifestyle without them! 🤗

So today, I want to share these 8 tools with you, that will help you take your happiness, health & wellness to the next level!

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1. Vitamix Blender

A lot of times I don’t number things in a specific order of importance or significance, but this one is actually #1 for a reason!  I’m pretty much obsessed with our Vitamix blender, & have been since I’ve gotten it almost 7 years ago.

Yes, I guess you could say it’s “expensive” for a blender… but this is not just a plain old blender, and it’s SO worth every penny! My husband & I always say that if our home ever caught on fire, one of the first things we’d try to save would be our Vitamix. (Ok, I know that’s not REALLY funny, but it’s THAT useful.) 😆


Let me tell you why I love it so much:

  • It makes THE most amazing smoothies EVER — unbelievably smooth & creamy dreamy! Nothing else compares (sorry, Ninja lovers 🙃).
  • It’s made for SO much more than just smoothies — you can make soups (it even heats it up for you IN the blender!), desserts (like these Black Bean Brownies + Cream Cheese Frosting!), puddings, batters, purees (cauliflower mashed potatoes, anyone?!), coffee drinks, & so much more. 😋
  • It’s easy to clean, & even has a self-cleaning mechanism.
  • It’s super high-quality & built to last (we’ve had ours for 7 years & haven’t had any issues ever) — plus it comes with full warranties, so you can feel safe & smart with the investment.
  • This isn’t one of those kitchen appliances that you’ll use every once in awhile or just for holidays & special occasions. We literally use our Vitamix — sometimes multiple times per day. Which means that this baby only ends up costing pennies per day over its lifetime! Pretty sweet! 🙌


Basically, my life was never the same after I adopted this powerhouse blender. Once you go Vitamix, you won’t go back! 😉

One last note about this: You can get a brand new Vitamix, but if you want to save some money, I’d recommend getting a certified refurbished standard model they’re tested & verified to look & work like new, but they’re almost 40% off the original price! #score! (That’s what we’ve had for 7 years, & it’s always worked perfectly). And if you order it on Amazon, it usually saves you even a little more, plus free shipping with Amazon Prime. ☺

2. Spiralizer

Ever wonder how people make those picture-perfect “spaghetti noodles” out of vegetables?? Here’s the secret, my friend!


Using a spiralizer is the easiest way to make zucchini noodles(check out #9), sweet potato noodles, & other veggie noodles — an amazing way to healthify pasta night! 🍝 (There are lots of other fun things you can create with a spiralizer, but this is my favorite way to use it!)

Not to mention, they’re super affordable & easy to use!


3. Thrive Market

Thrive Market offers the best-selling natural & organic products at wholesale prices through a yearly membership.  Think Costco meets Whole Foods online!

For less than $5 a month, you can shop 4,000 of the highest quality foods, supplements, home, personal care, & beauty products from more than 400 of the best brands on the market, all delivered straight to your door at 25-50% below retail prices. 🙌


Thrive Market is seriously life-changing, especially since a lot of these delicious foods can be really hard to find in a store near you!

Plus, they guarantee that your annual membership fee will pay for itself in savings — if you don’t make your membership fee back in savings by the end of the year, they’ll automatically give you the difference in Thrive Market credit. (But honestly, the annual fee can literally pay for itself in the first month because of how much you save — at least it did for us!)

The other thing I LOVE about Thrive is that for every paid membership, they donate one membership to a low-income American family. Such a no-brainer, super-easy way to make a bigger impact & help others have access to healthy food! 💜

A few of my frequently-purchased goodies that I absolutely adore are:

Click here to get an additional get an additional 25% off + Free Shipping!

health-wellness-tools-19 health-wellness-tools-18 health-wellness-tools-7

4. Dehydrator

Food dehydrators allow you to get more creative with incorporating raw foods into your diet, and is a MUST for making homemade raw chips, crackers, nuts, & seeds.


With a dehydrator, you can not only enjoy raw, sprouted nuts & seeds (which are much healthier & easier to digest than just raw nuts/seeds), but also veggie chips, dried fruit, organic jerky, flax crackers, & many other fun raw foods!


Here is a more affordable option, or here is a top-of-the-line-amazing option (we have this one & LOVE it!). ☺

5. Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas have numerous health benefits:

  • Improved detoxification
  • Relaxation and stress management/reduction 😌
  • Immune system support
  • Cardiovascular conditioning/Lower Blood Pressure
  • Improved pain relief
  • Weight control/management (a 30 minute session can burn up to 600 calories!)
  • Cellulite reduction 🙋🏽 (#yesplease!)
  • Skin cleansing
  • Blood pressure stabilization
  • Easing joint pain and stiffness
  • Improving injury healing
  • Improving blood circulation

Pretty amazing, right?! You can either seek out a local spa or wellness center that has an infrared sauna you can use for a fee, OR you can actually purchase one for your own home to use whenever you want. 🤗


Infrared saunas are definitely an investment, but having access to something on a daily basis so powerful that can promote all the health benefits above, is so worth it!

Sunlighten is my favorite & recommended brand of infrared saunas. Their saunas are stunningly beautiful, & have amazing customization features that can tweak the infrared levels to optimize your most-desired result (weight loss, relaxation, detoxification, etc.). So cool!! 👌 P.S. This is my favorite model!

6. Xiser High Intensity Trainer

The Xiser is a portable stepping machine, & it’s the most durable, light-weight, & compact stepper on the market.  It’s the only stepper geared towards high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which is exactly what we use it for.


Okay, before you make fun of me or think I’m totally dorky, nerdy, or super lame for raving about a stepper machine, all I can say is don’t knock it til you try it! 🤓

We got our Xiser as a Christmas gift last year from my amazing parents, & we didn’t really know what to think about it. We felt kinda silly using it at first, & my hubby especially totally made fun of me when I started using it.

Well… little did he know… He now loves it too, and he’s able to get a heart-pounding, heavy-breathing, muscle-fatiguing, sweaty workout in on this little stair stepper. 🙃 

health-wellness-tools-12                                  health-wellness-tools-15

I love that it’s one more type of workout I can do in my weekly workout routine. It switches things up, it’s super convenient, I don’t even have to think, it’s sooo easy on your joints, & I’m still able to get a high-intensity, fat-burning workout with it. 🤗

Bottom line: The Xiser is an amazing piece of home workout equipment & a fantastic fitness tool to add to your healthy lifestyle!

7. Essential Oils Diffuser

I love diffusing essential oils in a diffuser – it not only produces a calming & relaxing environment, but also makes it smell amazing!! ☺

You can get good quality & cost-effective ones from Amazon, like this one.  (And as an added bonus, it’s also super pretty, right?!)


8. Seconds App

Seconds is the best interval timer app for HIIT workouts (high-intensity interval training)! I use this app several times per week, for sooo many different workouts. 💪

It’s super convenient, easy to use, & it’s FREE for the basic version(which does pretty much everything I need it to).

Download it in the App Store on your phone to take your workouts & fitness life to the next level!


Bonus: Recently Updated –> #9. Factor 75

Factor 75 is a meal delivery service unlike any other I’ve ever seen!  If you’re a health nut like I am, you’ll love that all of their ingredients are organic, & the meals are full of nutrients, high-quality protein, & healthy fats (& free from unhealthy, damaged fats).  They use grass-fed beef, pasture-raised poultry, & wild-caught fish — no conventional meats here!

All of the meals are also gluten-free, soy-free, preservative-free, non-GMO, & free from refined sugars.  They also offer several meals that accomodate paleo, keto, & dairy-free diets.

If you’re a total foodie like me, you’ll also appreciate the fact that they never sacrifice taste or flavor — because food is meant to be enjoyed & looked forward to! ☺

Factor 75 delivers these super-healthy & delicious PRE-MADE meals right to your doorstep — all you have to do is warm them up!  You literally have a complete, high-quality dinner ready in minutes.

It’s kind of like having a personal chef that’s also really affordable & makes meals that meet my high health standards.  So cool, right?! 🙌

Click here to learn more about why I love Factor 75 & see if it would be a good fit for you!  Or, you can get $20 off your first order right here! 🤗

Even though some of these health & wellness tools & resources might seem like small, insignificant things, they’ve all changed my life & improved my health dramatically.  

They really do make living a healthy lifestyle easier, more convenient, & more fun! I hope you love them & find as much value from them as I do! 💜 

Click below to download the FREE Resource Guide! ☺

Have you ever tried or do you currently use any of these 8 healthy lifestyle tools?? Which ones are you most intrigued by & excited to try?? Leave a comment below!

(I’m also here if you have any questions about any of these amazing resources!) ☺

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Author: Dr. Christi Shuppe

Dr. Christi is a wellness doctor & online educator who specializes in nutrition, fitness, weight loss, & creating peace, joy, & a healthy mindset.  Through her online courses, programs, workshops, & blog, she leads & inspires people to achieve the HEALTH of their dreams, so that they can live the LIFE of their dreams.

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