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15 Fat-Burning, Detoxifying, & Delicious Smoothies (+ Free Recipe e-Book!)

15 fat-burning, detoxifying, & delicious smoothies

Who doesn’t love a good smoothie?! 🙋‍♀️They’re one of the quickest & easiest foods to make, they’re packed with nutrients, & they usually taste pretty delicious, too! 🍹

Smoothies are incredibly versatile — the combinations of ingredients & flavors are endless.  Not to mention, they are extremely multi-purpose:

  • ✅ Want a full meal-replacement with plenty of healthy fats, high-quality protein, fiber, & nutrients?  There’s a smoothie for that.
  • ✅ Looking for the perfect post-workout pick-me-up to recover & build lean muscle more effectively?  There’s a smoothie for that.
  • ✅ Need something a little lighter, but full of antioxidants & cleansing properties to detoxify your body?  You guessed it — there’s a smoothie for that.
  • ✅ How about something bursting with cancer-fighting, immune-boosting, hormone-balancing, & anti-inflammatory ingredients?  Well, there’s a smoothie for that, too.
  • ✅ Or do you want a delish (& healthy) dessert that you can whip up in under 5 minutes?  Yes, my friend — there’s a smoothie for that, too.

So without further ado, here are 15 fat-burning, detoxifying, & delicious smoothies for you to enjoy, along with a gorgeous FREE Smoothie Recipe e-Book for you to download below! ☺️

A Note About High-Quality Protein Powders

Real quick, before we get into the actual smoothies, I wanted to mention that many of these smoothie recipes use some kind of high-quality protein powder.  

My favorite protein powders that I personally use & recommend are MaxLiving’s Grass-Fed Whey Protein (comes in Chocolate & Vanilla), & Ancient Nutrition’s Bone Broth Protein (comes in allll sorts of delish flavors — but my favorite is the Chocolate).  If you’re looking for a healthy, top-notch plant-based protein powder, I recommend MaxLiving’s Perfect Plant Protein.

If you don’t have access to a high-quality protein powder & you’re not able to order or purchase any right now, you can still make the smoothies without it — they just won’t be AS flavorful, delicious, creamy, & protein-rich.  (But it’s better to skip the protein than to use an unhealthy brand of protein powder!!)

You could also substitute protein powder for another source of protein, such as raw almond butter or raw hemp seeds (which would change the texture & flavor), but I highly recommend investing in some super-healthy protein powder to make the most delicious & nutritious smoothies!


15 Fat-Burning, Detoxifying, & Delicious Smoothies

1. Strawberry Protein Smoothie

An absolute classic — one of my most common go-to smoothies, made with ingredients we almost always have in the house. 🍓

fat-burning, detoxifying, & delicious smoothie 1


2. Pineapple Turmeric Smoothie

Superfoods turmeric & ginger make this smoothie a great way to reduce inflammation — & the sweet pineapple makes it oh-so-delicious! 🍍

fat-burning, detoxifying, & delicious smoothie 2


3. Raspberry Zinger Smoothie

An unexpected ingredient (*cauliflower*) adds some extra nutrients to this smoothie — & the remaining ingredients still make for a tasty treat. 😋

fat-burning, detoxifying, & delicious smoothie 3


4. Bloat-Fighting Tropical Smoothie

Banish bloat with this super refreshing tropical smoothie! 🍹

fat-burning, detoxifying, & delicious smoothie 4


5. Banana Lemon Tart Smoothie

Coconut butter makes this smoothie ultra-smooth & creamy (& adds some amazing healthy fats!).  And the unexpected cauliflower makes an appearance again, adding more thickness & nutrients to the smoothie. 🍌


6. Berry Beet Smoothie Bowl

Let’s switch it up a little bit & enjoy our smoothie in a bowl, shall we? 🙃 Beets, lots of berries, & a special hormone-balancing ingredient make this smoothie bowl colorful, antioxidant-rich, & full of flavor!

fat-burning, detoxifying, & delicious smoothie 6


7. Banana Cream Pie Smoothie

This dessert smoothie is bursting with healthy fats & high-quality protein, so you’ll finish your glass feeling full & satisfied.  There’s also a delicious, gooey, pie-crust-like mixture for the rim of the glass, which makes this smoothie extra special! 🍰


8. Raspberry Protein Smoothie

Another classic & absolute staple in the Shuppe household! 👌

fat-burning, detoxifying, & delicious smoothie 8


9. Healthy “Chunky Monkey” Smoothie

Banana + chocolate + coffee = pure bliss!  This dessert smoothie will not disappoint, & it even has a special hormone-balancing ingredient. 😍


10. Blueberry Protein Smoothie

Get your antioxidants, omega-3’s, healthy fats, high-quality protein, & more in this simple, delicious smoothie! 🙌

fat-burning, detoxifying, & delicious smoothie 10


11. Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie

With fall right around the corner, there’s no better time for a pumpkin pie smoothie (although once you try it, I think you’ll agree that this smoothie shouldn’t be restricted to just one season of the year!).  With lots of healthy fats, protein, & pumpkin-spice flavors, this smoothie is a perfect solution for a healthy, easy, satisfying dessert! 🥑


12. Almond Lemon Tart Smoothie

A low-carb version of the Banana Lemon Tart Smoothie — & with the addition of creamy raw almond butter. 🍋

fat-burning, detoxifying, & delicious smoothie 12


13. Chocolate Cauliflower Smoothie

With cauliflower, chocolate, & a special hormone-balancing ingredient, this smoothie might sound pretty unique — but if you’re a chocolate lover, you’ll still find it absolutely delicious & decadent! 🍫

fat-burning, detoxifying, & delicious smoothie 13


14. Detox Green Smoothie

Detoxify & cleanse your body with this refreshing, nutrient-dense green smoothie! 🍏🥒

fat-burning, detoxifying, & delicious smoothie 14


15. Strawberry Chocolate Protein Smoothie

Another one of my favorite go-to smoothies — super simple & tastes like chocolate-covered strawberries in a glass (you can’t even taste the greens)! 🍓🍫

fat-burning, detoxifying, & delicious smoothie 15


Mmm…Ready to get your smoothie fix??  Download the free Smoothie Recipe e-Book below to get all 15 recipes instantly! 🤗

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