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3 Steps to Transform Unhealthy Recipes Into Healthy, Delicious Ones (Brownies & Pizza & Pasta, Oh My!)

3 steps to transform unhealthy recipes into healthy delicious ones

Being the total foodie that I am and also striving to live a healthy lifestyle, there’s sometimes a struggle between wanting to eat healthy, but not give up my favorite comfort foods & sweet treats!  Can you relate at all??! 😇

The good news is, you can literally healthify ANY recipe, and you can find healthy alternatives to many of your favorite, typically-unhealthy foods. 🙌😄

When you discover all the healthy options out there and you learn how to transform damaging recipes into health-boosting recipes, it makes healthy eating FUN & so much more sustainable! 😊 #yay!

To make things super easy & applicable, I’ve got a special “Healthified Foodie Cheatsheet” for you — so you can have your cake & eat it too! 😉 Just click the button below to get yours.

Here are 3 simple ways to turn any unhealthy recipe into a healthy, delicious one:

1. Swap sugars with healthier sweeteners.

White sugar, brown sugar, fructose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, & all other forms of highly-processed, refined sugar are extremely toxic, inflammatory, & damaging to your health (& your waistline).

Instead, use healthier sweeteners that won’t spike your blood sugar or increase inflammation. My favorites are organic stevia, erythritol, & xylitol (make sure it’s from a non-GMO source!).

With these simple swaps, you can now make delectable desserts (like these Sugar-Free Black Bean Brownies + Cream Cheese Frosting!), without sacrificing your health. I’m a self-proclaimed Dessert Queen, so these healthier sweeteners are basically a life-saver! 😉

transform unhealthy recipes into healthy ones

You can find these sweeteners in most health food stores, or at Thrive Market (an amazing online health-food market with super affordable prices — think Whole Foods mixed with Costco, but online!) → Click here for an extra 25% off + free shipping! 🤗

2. Substitute healthy flours for refined flours.

White flour & other types of refined flours & grains turn into sugar in your body — so unfortunately, they have the same damaging effects that straight up sugar has.

Fortunately for us, there are some awesome alternatives that taste amazing & work wonderfully for almost any recipe! Some of my favorites are coconut flour & almond flour, which you can also find at any health-food store or online at Thrive Market.

This gluten-free, grain-free pizza is one example of a delicious, classic comfort food that you can make with these healthified flour options. Yum!!

transform unhealthy recipes into healthy ones

3. Switch out damaged, unhealthy fats for healthy, superfood fats.

Contrary to popular belief, FAT is a critical part of a healthy diet — as long as it comes from the right sources! While damaged fats are extremely harmful for our health, the RIGHT types of fat are insanely beneficial — including for metabolism & healthy weight, brain & nerve system health, hormone balance, & cellular health. #ilovefat! 🙃

Some of the absolute staples in our house include organic virgin coconut oil, organic grass-fed butter, organic extra virgin olive oil, & organic avocado oil. We use these healthy fats on a daily basis for salad dressings, sauteeing & cooking veggies & meats, and other recipes.

transform unhealthy recipes into healthy ones

Again, your local health-food store or Thrive Market are great places to find these superfood fats!

So now that you know how to healthify any recipe with specific ingredient swaps, wanna discover some healthy alternatives to some of your favorite homemade AND store-bought goodies?? (I’m talkin’ chips, crackers, chocolate, soda, pizza, pasta, & more… YES, you really can have it all AND have your health, too! ☺️)

Download the Healthified Foodie Cheatsheet below to make implementing these swaps a total breeze!

Thrive Market

If you’re looking for a place to find healthy sweeteners, flours, fats, snacks, & goodies all in one place, I highly recommend checking out Thrive Market!

It’s super-convenient (everything delivered right to your door), 25-50% cheaper than retail stores, & they donate to low-income families so that more people have the opportunity to live a healthy life! I LOVE Thrive, & I’m willing to bet you will, too! ☺️

Bonus: They’re even giving us an additional 25% off + free shipping here. Woohoo! 🤗

thrive market

Cheers to a life of health & deliciousness!

What are some of your favorite comfort foods & treats you can’t wait to healthify?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Author: Dr. Christi Shuppe

Dr. Christi is a wellness doctor & online educator who specializes in nutrition, fitness, weight loss, & creating peace, joy, & a healthy mindset.  Through her online courses, programs, workshops, & blog, she leads & inspires people to achieve the HEALTH of their dreams, so that they can live the LIFE of their dreams.

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