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Alphabet Workout: Spell Your Name to Create A Unique, At-Home, Fat-Burning Workout

alphabet workout

It’s always fun trying a new workout (or at least it’s fun AFTER the fact 😉), & that’s exactly what I have for you today with this “Alphabet Workout”!

This is a high-intensity, short-duration workout (also known as Metabolic Conditioning).  You won’t need any equipment & you can do it from anywhere. All you need is yourself & preferably a phone or timer to time yourself.  (You can also recruit a workout buddy if you want, which will make it even more fun!). 💪

The key is to do the workout at YOUR maximum intensity & output — which will have you burning fat for the next 24+ hours AFTER the workout is over!  Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? 🙌

I’ll explain exactly what the workout entails below, but if you want to download it for easy access on your phone &/or computer, just click the button below! ☺️

Alphabet Workout: Spell Your Name to Create A Unique, At-Home, Fat-Burning Workout

So here’s how this Alphabet Workout works:

  • You’ll be using the letters in your first & last name to determine which exercise movements you’ll be doing.  
  • Each letter corresponds to a specific exercise movement & number (for example, 5 push-ups or 10 burpees).
  • Workout movements can be modified if needed.
  • The key is to do the workout as fast as possible (ideally, you’ll want to time yourself!)
  • I’ve come up with 5 different ways to do this workout — feel free to try them all or choose the one that feels best for your current fitness level.


5 Ways to Do This Alphabet Workout


1. First Name + Last Name — 1 Time (as fast as possible)

This is the most basic option, where you’ll use the Alphabet Workout Key below to complete all the exercises that correspond to your first name & last name — in the order that your name is spelled.  

➡️ For example, if your first name was Lauren, you’d do:

  • 20 Calf Jumps (L)
  • 10 Push-Ups (A)
  • 1-Minute Plank (U)
  • 10 Burpees (R)
  • 10 Burpees (E)
  • 10 Push-Ups (N)
  • …And then proceed with all the letters of your LAST NAME

And remember: Do the workout as fast as possible, & time yourself so you can see your starting point & try to improve on it in the future. ✅

This can be a good option if your name/workout ends up being really challenging or long, or if you’re just getting into fitness & need a more beginner-style workout.  

If you choose this option & your workout ends up being less than 4-5 minutes long, I’d recommend doing one of the workout styles below if possible so that you can get an adequate workout & really challenge yourself.  Or, you could use this option as a “bonus” or “add-on” for another workout.


2. First Name + Last Name — Multiple Times (as fast as possible)

If doing your first & last name 1 time through is a little too short (under 4 minutes) or you just want to challenge yourself more, you can do your first & last name multiple times through (rather than just once).

The number of times you decide to do will depend on how much you want to challenge yourself & how much time it takes to get through each round of your full name.  

➡️ 2 or 3 times is probably a good place to start — & ideally you’ll want the workout to take less than 20 minutes total.

Choose your number of rounds, & then time yourself as you do the workout as fast as possible.  (If you end up choosing TOO many rounds & it’s looking like the workout will take over 20 minutes, you could always change your number of rounds mid-workout if necessary).


3. First Name + Last Name — Repeat for Set Amount of Time

For this option, you’ll still be doing your first & last name, but rather than choosing a certain number of rounds, you’ll choose a set amount of time for your workout.  I recommend trying 6 minutes or 8 minutes.

➡️ For example: If you choose to do a 6-minute workout, that would mean you do your first name, then your last name, & then do that pattern over again as many times as possible in the 6 minutes.  (Use a timer to countdown from 6 minutes, & keep track of how many rounds you get.)

And if you can’t get through your entire first name & last name once in the allotted time, that’s okay, too!


4. Full Alphabet — 1 Time (as fast as possible)

This is another more challenging option, where instead of doing your first & last name, you’ll go through the entire alphabet once, in order. 🔤

Time yourself & work your way through it as fast as possible.


5. Partner Alphabet Workout

For this option, you’ll do YOUR first name & last name, & then you’ll do your PARTNER’S first name & last name (& your partner will do the same — both their first & last name, as well as your first & last name).

Make sure you both time yourselves, and as always, do the workout as quickly as possible!

You can either do this competition-style (see who can complete the workout faster), OR you can add up both of your times & try to beat your combined time together in the future, as a team. ☺️

Alright, my friend — now that we’ve gone through all 5 ways to do this Alphabet Workout, let’s get into the specific exercise movements you’ll be doing!

alphabet workout


Alphabet Workout Key

🔑 Here’s the Alphabet Workout Key:

A = 10 push-ups

B = 20 jumping jacks

C = 20 speed squats

D = 60 high knees (each leg equals 1 — right = 1, left = 1)

E = 10 burpees

F = 15 butterfly sit-ups

G = 30-second wall sit

H = 1 minute plank

I = 10 jump squats

J = 20 split squats (each leg equals 1 — right = 1, left = 1)

K = 30 mountain climbers (each leg equals 1 — right = 1, left = 1)

L = 20 calf jumps

M = 20 seconds of running in place

N = 10 push-ups

O = 20 jumping jacks

P = 20 speed squats

Q = 60 high knees (each leg equals 1 — right = 1, left = 1)

R = 10 burpees

S = 15 butterfly sit-ups

T = 30-second wall sit

U = 1-minute plank

V = 10 jump squats

W = 20 split squats (each leg equals 1 — right = 1, left = 1)

X = 30 mountain climbers (each leg equals 1 — right = 1, left = 1)

Y = 20 calf jumps

Z = 20 seconds of running in place

alphabet workout


➡️ Don’t forget: You can download a free PDF version of this Alphabet Workout below!

…And before you go, I’d love to hear what YOUR specific workout looks like using the Alphabet Workout Key above!  Leave a comment below to share yours!


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