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Go-To Goods

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle & reaching your specific health goals, there are a lot of amazing resources that can help you achieve that.

Things like super-healthy-and-delicious specialty foods (that are hard or impossible to find in grocery stores, or are usually more expensive in most stores); supplements to support overall health or specific health needs; non-toxic personal care products; healthy mattresses; detox protocols; fitness apps & equipment; and the list goes on!

While many of these things aren’t absolutely vital, some are extremely valuable or even essential for reaching optimal health.  All of these brands, companies, or specific resources are ones that I personally have used or currently use, & feel completely confident recommending to family, friends, patients, & YOU! 🙂

Make sure you check back regularly, because I’ll always be keeping this page updated with any new, high-quality, Dr. Christi-approved, health-related products & resources that I come across!



Thrive Market




Thrive Market offers the best-selling natural & organic products at wholesale prices through a yearly membership.  Think Costco meets Whole Foods online!  And for every paid membership, Thrive donates one membership to a low-income American family.
For less than $5 a month, you can shop 4,000 of the highest quality foods, supplements, home, personal care, & beauty products from more than 400 of the best brands on the market, all delivered straight to your door at 25-50% below retail prices.  Thrive Market is seriously life-changing, & the annual membership fee can pay for itself in the first month because of how much you save!  (Not to mention a lot of these delicious foods can be really hard to find in a store near you!).  


A few of my frequently-purchased goodies that I’m very much obsessed with are:  Coconut Wraps (completely grain-free, gluten-free, low-carb, & delish!), Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips (basically a dream come true!), & Lily’s Chocolate (sweetened with stevia & erythritol rather than high-glycemic sugars or artificial sweeteners).

Maximized Living

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Maximized Living is a healthcare delivery system based on 5 Essentials: Mindset, Nerve Supply, Nutrition, Fitness, & Detox.  It is because of Maximized Living that my health was transformed, my life was saved, & I’m now blessed to share these principles of health with you!  There are hundreds of Maximized Living Health Centers across the U.S., Canada, & Puerto Rico — including the one my husband & I own in Raleigh, North Carolina.

All of these doctors specialize in neurologically-based chiropractic care — which has allowed patients in these health centers to lose weight, come off medications, get out of pain, sleep better, reverse chronic health issues (that doctors told them were incurable), feel amazing, & reach the health of their dreams!  If you want to take your health to the next level & know that you’re doing everything in your power to create the healthiest life, then give yourself the incredible gift of chiropractic care. 💜


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If you don’t live near a Maximized Living Health Center or you aren’t quite ready to jump into chiropractic care, I would absolutely recommend investing in a spinal homecare kit.  This one-time investment will allow you to improve your spine & nerve system every day for years to come.  

Your nerve system controls EVERY single function & organ in your body — hormones, mood, sleep, digestion, heart, lungs, skin, stress-levels, metabolism, immune system, concentration — literally every part of your health.  And since your spine PROTECTS the delicate spinal cord, brainstem, & nerve roots, I hope you can understand why it’s imperative to take care of your spine if you want to be as healthy & happy as possible!

Ideally, this is where chiropractic adjustments come in — but even if you just spent 10-15 extra minutes per day doing specific spinal exercises, it would make a WORLD of difference in your health!  These exercises help keep the spine moving properly, pump nutrients into the disc spaces, & re-inforce the proper curves in the spine — all of which removes interference from the nerve system, which leads to a healthier you! ☺




Maximized Living is also a fantastic resource for some of the highest-quality supplements on the market.  All of these supplements are made with organic, whole-food ingredients, & without any added sugars, damaged fats, toxins, or chemicals.  I personally (along with my husband) take several of these supplements on a daily basis to give my body what it needs to thrive (along with a healthy diet).

For overall health, and for almost everybody, I recommend taking the Vitamin D3 + Probiotics, Optimal OmegaDetox System.  Vitamin D3 + Probiotics helps boost the immune system & digestion, among several other health benefits.  Optimal Omega is amazing for your heart, brain health, & inflammation levels.  Detox System is a 2-Part, daily detox supplement that not only pulls toxins out of your cells, but also binds those toxins to allow your body to safely eliminate them.  I haven’t found ANYTHING like this, anywhere else.  We’re all exposed to more toxins than ever before, & this is one super-simple way to optimize your body’s natural detoxification processes.

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Another supplement I’d highly recommend is the Grass-Fed Whey Protein.  It’s made from 100% grass-fed, naturally-raised cows, low temperature processed, & sweetened with Stevia.  No soy, protein isolates, sugars, artificial sweeteners, highly-processed protein, or other junk!  It’s delicious & super easy to add to smoothies for a quick, healthy meal, or even to desserts for a boost of high-quality protein (like these delectable Almond Butter Cups or this nutritious Chocolate Chia Pudding).



Beyond Organic



Dairy is a pretty controversial topic in the health world, but as a born-&-raised Wisconsin girl, I gotta have my cheese fix! 😉  While I do consume some dairy in my diet (organic, full-fat, & no added sugars at the very least), I still try to keep dairy to a minimum because of the highly-inflammatory nature of A1 beta casein (the primary protein in 99%+ of dairy sold in stores — including organic dairy).

The EXCEPTION is Beyond Organic.  This is literally the healthiest dairy on the planet, & I don’t even feel “bad” eating it one bit!  It’s made with organic, full-fat milk from cows that are 100% grass-fed AND 100% grass-finished.  It’s also low-temperature processed or completely raw (when legally possible), which maintains all the amazing nutrients, healthy fats, & high-quality proteins.  This dairy is also cultured, adding billions of gut-healing probiotics to their cheeses & dairy drinks.  And possibly the BEST thing about Beyond Organic dairy is that it’s made from cows with “old world” genetics — meaning this dairy has A2 beta casein rather than A1 beta casein — fixing one of the biggest problems with most dairy: inflammation!  This is also why a lot of people who can’t handle dairy typically (even organic dairy), can usually tolerate Beyond Organic dairy extremely well.

Not only is Beyond Organic dairy acceptable to eat as a part of a healthy diet, but it’s actually a SUPERFOOD that builds health in your body!  Check out their raw cheese, Amasai (similar to Kefir or drinkable yogurt texture), & Suero Viv (a cultured whey beverage).  YUM!


Beyond Organic also has a few other ultra-nutritious products & supplements — including a line of liquid supplements that I LOVE, called “Terrain”.  They are probiotic-rich liquids that are formulated with several different herbs, resulting in balance pH levels in your body, proper digestive function, & a healthy metabolism.  One of my favorites is Sacred Herbs — which features Turmeric & Holy Basil.  This one is specifically effective at lowering inflammation, supporting the immune system, & helping maintain normal blood sugar & cholesterol levels.  Not to mention, the Holy Basil helps lower cortisol levels (your stress hormone)!




Factor 75

Factor 75


Factor 75 is a meal delivery service unlike any other I’ve ever seen!  If you’re a health nut like I am, you’ll love that all of their ingredients are organic, & the meals are full of nutrients, high-quality protein, & healthy fats (& free from unhealthy, damaged fats). They use grass-fed beef, pasture-raised poultry, & wild-caught fish — no conventional meats here!

All of the meals are also gluten-free, soy-free, preservative-free, non-GMO, & free from refined sugars. They also offer several meals that accommodate paleo, keto, & dairy-free diets.

If you’re a total foodie like me, you’ll also appreciate the fact that they never sacrifice taste or flavor — because food is meant to be enjoyed & looked forward to! ☺

Factor 75 delivers these super-healthy & delicious PRE-MADE meals right to your doorstep — all you have to do is warm them up! You literally have a complete, high-quality dinner ready in minutes.

It’s kind of like having a personal chef that’s also really affordable & makes meals that meet my high health standards. So cool, right?! 🤗

Click here to get $20 off your first order! #sweet!

Factor 75 maple pecan salmon
Maple Pecan Salmon with Mashed Cauliflower & Sauteed Spinach
Factor 75 goat cheese chicken
Goat Cheese Chicken with Pureed Carrots, Buttered Peas, & Quinoa
Factor 75 blueberry pancakes
Grain-Free Blueberry Pancakes






Youngevity is a large, health-focused company that owns several smaller companies (including Beyond Organic).  Some of my go-to goods that I frequently purchase from Youngevity include essential oils & certain personal care products.

The essential oils are made with the purest & highest-quality ingredients.  They have dozens of different oils & oil blends — all of which have their own unique properties to help support different aspects of your health.  They can be diffused in the air, put on the skin, or even just smelled straight from the bottle.  Some of my favorites are: Black Spruce (both calming & energizing, PLUS it smells like a Christmas tree!!), Bergamot (smells AMAZING, & is known to help with anxiety, depression, & emotional needs), To Be At Peace (calming blend to promote relaxation & reduce stress), To Be Loved (supports emotional balance — & it just smells lovely! ), and XY Blend (helps promote hormonal balance).


The personal care products from Youngevity that I personally use & recommend are all made with organic, non-toxic ingredients.  Some of my favorites include:

*Anti-Aging Acai Exfoliator — Feels amazing on your face & adds a burst of happiness to your morning routine! 🙂

*Anti-Aging Eye Cream — Helps reduce wrinkles, dark circles, & under-eye puffiness

*Sweet Orange Conditioner — One of the healthiest conditioners I’ve ever found, & smells like a dreamsicle!

*Gentle Cleansing Pads — I’ve been using these make-up removal pads for YEARS!  A super-easy & convenient way to safely remove make-up, pollutants, & dirt while you exfoliate.

*Beyond Youngevity Organic Spa Starter Kit — The ultimate way to cleanse, nourish, hydrate, & pamper your skin!  This spa starter kit includes Day Cream, Night Cream, Eye Cream, Creamy Cleanser, & Toner. (You can also purchase the individual items separately.)



Ancient Nutrition



Bone Broth Protein is a breakthrough in protein supplementation, delivering a high-quality source of protein AND the awesomeness of bone broth.  It provides the same amazing benefits of homemade bone broth in a super convenient & easy-to-mix powder form.  Bone broth protein supports energy levels, digestion, healthy joints & skin, detoxification, metabolism, & has many other health benefits.

There are several different flavors, including Pure, Vanilla, Chocolate, & Turmeric.  The Pure flavor is amazing mixed with hot water & a little sea salt — it tastes like hot, homemade bone broth, but you can prepare it in seconds!  I love both the Chocolate & the Vanilla, especially mixed in smoothies or organic coffee.  MMM!! 😋

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I am absolutely in LOVE with my Vitamix!  My husband & I always joke that if our home ever caught on fire, one of the first things we’d try to save would be our Vitamix. 😉  But seriously, though, it has revolutionized our kitchen & eating for the past 7+ years.  Yes, they’re a little bit of an investment, but they’re worth every.single.penny.  Not a day goes by that we don’t use our Vitamix — and a lot of days we use it more than once.

This powerhouse blender will take your smoothies to a WHOLE new level — sooo creamy & dreamy & smooth!  Once you go Vitamix, you won’t go back!  You can also make soups (it even heats it up for you IN the blender!), desserts, puddings, batters, coffee drinks, & so much more.  

I’d recommend getting a certified reconditioned standard model — they’re tested & verified to look & work like new, but they’re almost 40% off the original price! Score! 🤗 (That’s what we’ve had for years, & it’s always worked perfectly).  And if you order it on Amazon, it usually saves you even a little more.


Want a few Vitamix recipe ideas to get you started?  Check out this Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothiethese Low Carb Cauliflower Mashed “Potatoes”, this Garlicky Curry Carrot Soup, or these Black Bean Brownies With Cream Cheese Frosting!  Yes, all of these delectable creations are made using a Vitamix!



Xiser High Intensity Trainer


The Xiser is a portable stepping machine, & it’s the most durable, light-weight, & compact stepper on the market.  It’s the only stepper geared towards high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which is exactly what we use it for.

Okay, before you make fun of me or think I’m totally dorky, nerdy, or super lame for raving about a stepper machine, all I can say is don’t knock it til you try it! 🤓

We got our Xiser as a Christmas gift last year from my amazing parents, & we didn’t really know what to think about it.  We felt kinda silly using it at first, & my hubby especially totally made fun of me when I started using it.

Well… little did he know… He now loves it too, and he’s able to get a heart-pounding, heavy-breathing, muscle-fatiguing, sweaty workout in on this little stair stepper. 🙃

I love that it’s one more type of workout I can do in my weekly workout routine.  It switches things up, I don’t even have to think, it’s sooo easy on your joints, & I’m still able to get a high-intensity, fat-burning workout with it. 🤗



BioPosture Your Mattress Matters


My husband & I purchased a BioPosture mattress for our wedding, and have been in love with it ever since!  Getting plenty of quality sleep is vital for great health, so it’s imperative that you invest in a high-quality mattress.

BioPosture mattresses are unique in their design and construction to provide the highest level of comfort and support.  It’s the only brand that comes with a removable and washable Celliant ticking, which provides you with the proven health benefits associated with infrared energy.

BioPosture was developed in consultation with top sports doctors of chiropractic, to provide the optimum in orthopedic support, superior sleep, and enhanced recovery from the stresses of activity and every day life.

These mattresses are also much less toxic than most mattresses (yes, mattresses can be insanely toxic & even lead to toxicity symptoms in some people). BioPosture Bio-Memory-Foam carries the CertiPUR-US® seal, so you can be confident that the flexible polyurethane foam inside meets CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions, and durability, and has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.  It is also made WITHOUT ozone depleters; PBDEs, TDCPP, or TCEP flame retardants; mercury, lead, & other heavy metals; formaldehyde; phthalates; and it has low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions for indoor air quality.



Mountain Air Organic Beds



This is another fantastic option for a high-quality mattress!  When my husband & I purchased our BioPosture mattress several years ago, we didn’t know about Mountain Air Organic Beds (or I’m not even sure if they were around at that time).  If we had the option, we may have gone with Mountain Air (& most likely will in the future) — simply because it’s even MORE non-toxic!

These mattresses are made with organic latex, cotton, & wool — and without glues, formaldehyde, petroleum oil, OR chemical flame retardants.  They’re also naturally anti-microbial, which makes them dust-mite & bedbug-resistant.

Each mattress comes with a soft, medium, & firm combo that can be swapped for each other as needed — allowing you to customize it for your ultimate comfort.  These mattresses are extremely durable, which is why they can boast a “no soft spots” guarantee & a 25 year warranty.



Sunlighten Infrared Saunas



Infrared saunas have numerous health benefits:

  • Improved detoxification
  • Relaxation and stress management/reduction
  • Immune system support
  • Cardiovascular conditioning/Lower Blood Pressure
  • Improved pain relief
  • Weight control/management (a 30 minute session can burn up to 600 calories!)
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Skin cleansing
  • Blood pressure stabilization
  • Easing joint pain and stiffness
  • Improving injury healing
  • Improving blood circulation

Pretty amazing, right?!  Infrared saunas are a bit of an investment, but having access to something on a daily basis  so powerful that can promote all the health benefits above, is so worth it!  Sunlighten is my favorite & recommended brand of infrared saunas. Their saunas are stunningly beautiful, & have amazing customization features that can tweak the infrared levels to optimize your most-desired result (weight loss, relaxation, detoxification, etc.).  So cool!!

CLICK HERE TO TAKE A PEAK! –> P.S. This is my favorite model!






Not too much to say about this one — other than it’s one of my go-to online marketplaces for random things that I can conveniently find all in one place. 🙂

I’ve already mentioned above that Amazon is a great place to get a certified reconditioned Vitamix blender (one of the most affordable sources I’ve found).

Some other health-related items that I’ve purchased from Amazon in the past (or still do), & that I’d recommend, include:

  • Essential Oil Diffuser — A must if you use essential oils, especially for creating a relaxing atmosphere
  • “My Magic Mud” Toothpaste — One of the healthiest toothpastes I’ve ever found — made with coconut oil, bentonite clay, & activated charcoal (which has super whitening power & detoxification properties!)
  • Primal Pit Paste (deodorant) — This is the BEST deodorant I’ve found to date!  It smells great, is completely non-toxic & super healthy, and it actually works!!
  • Fitness Equipment for At-Home Workouts — Like these free weightsthese resistance bandsthis stability ballthese wrist weights ankle weightsthis weighted vestand this box jump set
  • Certain Food Items — Sometimes you can find deals on healthy foods that are so much cheaper in bulk — like these organic raw cashews & this case of full-fat, organic canned coconut milk
  • Food Dehydrator — Allows you to get more creative with incorporating raw foods into your diet, and is a MUST for making homemade raw chips, crackers, nuts, & seeds.  With a dehydrator, you can not only enjoy raw, sprouted nuts & seeds (which are much healthier & easier to digest than just raw nuts/seeds), but also veggie chips, organic jerky, flax crackers, & many other fun raw foods!  Here is a more affordable option, or here (see pic below) is a top-of-the-line-amazing option (we have this one & LOVE it!).
  • Spiralizer — The easiest way to make zucchini noodles, sweet potato noodles, & other veggie noodles — an amazing way to healthify pasta night!
  • Books — Specifically for self-development or to help promote a healthy mind, body, & spirit — some of my favorites are “Breaking Busy”“The Purpose Driven Life”and “Sun Stand Still”

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Seconds Interval Timer



Seconds is the best interval timer for HIIT workouts (high-intensity interval training)! I use this app several times per week, for sooo many different workouts.  It’s super convenient, easy to use, & it’s FREE for the basic version (which does everything I need it to)!


RipDeck App



RipDeck is the “Deck of Cards” Workout app.  Each suit represents a different exercise move that you’ve pre-determined, & the number of reps corresponds to the number on the card. Go through the whole deck, & you’ve got yourself an awesome, fat-burning workout!  This app is FREE, super fun, and it keeps your workouts fresh & unique — no workout is exactly the same as another!


Carb Manager App



Carb Manager is a carb counter, diet tracker, food journal, & weight loss management app.  It’s FREE for the basic version, & there are a ton of awesome features to explore.  This app is especially helpful for staying on track with a low-carb or ketogenic diet.


Way Of Life App



Way Of Life is the ultimate habits tracker — allowing you to see trends in your lifestyle habits, & helping you build positive habits & break negative habits.  This app is extremely helpful in creating long-term success with living a healthy lifestyle!  I’d highly recommend upgrading to the Pro version (rather than the free version) — it’s less than $5 — since you can then track unlimited habits.



Note: Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase.  However, none of the fees of these resources have been increased to compensate me. In fact, a few of these companies have even given me special discounts that I get to extend to you!  Yay!  (There are also a few things on this list that are free to use.)